Why You Need Search Engine Optimization Classes To Be Successful!

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization Classes To Be Successful!
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Posted on: April 10, 2022
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Unless you are already a SEO professional, the very thought of creating content with SEO in mind can be daunting. Even the seasoned professionals sometime have issues grasping the Search Engine Optimization complete picture as they create their content. This is why you will need Search Engine Optimization classes to help you be successful in SEO content creation.

This article will explore Search Engine Optimization, what SEO can do for you, and worth (or return on investment, whether time or money).

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is the purposeful design of content in both appearance and ranking influence of finished content in search engines to optimize organic search.

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Search Engine Optimization Classes
For The Individual Online Business Owner

One of the best ways to do that is to have people naturally searching for something, and have your content show up in the search, ranking as high as it can. The higher the better. As more and more people click on your content address, it shows the search engines that your content is relevant. The closer to the first position that pops up under a search, the more it is going to be clicked upon, and ultimately, be seen.

↓ For a quick 5 minute understanding Search Engine Optimization Class, watch video below ↓

The whole idea in creating content is to be seen.

That is what creating the content with SEO in mind does for you.

It is an artform. So much so that there is a whole industry on mastering the skills required to do so.

You could pay a company or someone to get your content to rank for you, or you could learn it on your own.

Depending on what level you want to be with this, you need Search Engine Optimization classes to learn this skills.

There are self paced programs. You can go top level and get a literal certification/degree in the digital arts. The level of class will ultimately depend on what you want to do with it.

In other words, when you make content for the internet, you want that content to be found, right?

SEO is a way to create that content following a methodology that will help get your content to be found.

The best part of SEO is that you create the content once. If done correctly, it will be found by people searching for subject, keyword, or relative terms for the rest of internet eternity!

One and done (maybe some possible future edits or tweaking, but not necessary).

Online Search Engine Optimization Classes Can Help Your Online Business To Success
Online Search Engine Optimization Classes

Is Search Engine Optimization Still Effective?

Search Engine Optimization has been around for over 20 years. In a Forbes Article, it states “The first recorded usage of the acronym “SEO” is dated back to 1997.” It goes on to say, “In the future, it seems, SEO will be more important than ever. Just in the last few years, Amazon SEO, apps SEO and more have become a part of the online marketplace.”

The basic construct of SEO has remained the foundation of the most effective method of gaining traffic to a web URL organically. This is utilizing the power of others searching for relative information for the purpose of gaining organic, or “free” traffic.

Recent years have seen the addition of several social media platforms. The lure of these for marketers are to capture an audience’s attention. Get followers, likes, and views. The affiliate marketer then uses that to direct the traffic to the URL they want followers and audience to go to.

Google is not the only SEO to consider anymore. Social platforms, for example: a Facebook Group, can now draw an audience as well. SEO is still being utilized, as Facebook users often search for a topic to see what Groups are out there that might be on interest for them to join.

You Tube is another example of a social media platform that is quickly taking over search engine traffic.

The power of SEO on social media platforms usually comes in the use of hashtags (#). These hashtags are used like meta tags for websites to help identify what the social post is all about.

For example: using TikTok’s “discovery” section, you can put a search term in to see videos that are related to the search term. It will display those vids in a listing, as well as suggest what others have searched for related to your term.

SEO is working on 25 years of still being an effective construct to allow people to find your content. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others are not the only way to find content. In fact, YouTube, Pinterest, and many other social media platforms are gaining if not matching the amount of searches.

Why is Search Engine Optimization Important?

SEO is still important because it is how others that don’t know about your content finds it!

Social media platforms are huge content machines. Most businesses and marketers have little choice but to create content.

Using social platforms create a false belief when used for marketing though.

Here’s the issue: followers do not necessarily equate to traffic or sales. If you have 10,000 followers, you are not going to be seen by all with each content post. Furthermore, if you are using that post for marketing, you are definitely not getting 10,000 clicks from each post.

That is why online marketers (who are in the know) use social media to direct traffic. They don’t send that traffic to a link for a product or sales presentation. They direct that traffic to a website, blog, podcast, You Tube, or (sometimes) a funnel. They then use the landing page to better inform and entertain.

This increases the “Know, Like, and Trust” factor for your audience.

Why? Because it is hard to deliver great value at 30 seconds at a time.

This is the strategy for social media followers. Those who already know your content are there because they follow you.

To get more organic traffic, those who don’t know you or your content, you should be utilizing SEO.

What’s the real value to SEO then, and why consider Search Engine Optimization classes?

There is real value in creating your content with SEO in mind.

In fact, there could be a whole other article on just the value you receive and benefit from.

Here are just a few items of value from producing SEO content:

Search Engine Optimization is often the best source of organic traffic to your website.

Building a website or blog and hoping for traffic just because it is there is no longer enough.

Search engines help 5.6 billion people every day on average connect to the content that they are looking to find.

The top 5 searches come from these engines in rank of popular use: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and DuckDuckGo.

When it’s broken down by hour, people are searching at a rate of 228 million per hour!

Often overlooked are social media accounts for SEO.

You Tube and Pinterest are examples of social search engines. Recently, You Tube was ranked the 2nd highest search method! Pinterest is definitely nothing to ignore either.

SEO is focused and therefore enhances each user’s experience.

With the increasing ability of artificial intelligence, user experience is now a large part of search engine ranking.

Google is leading the way with the ability to determine either a good or not-so-good user experience upon visiting a website. Obviously ranking good experiences much higher, and lowering not-so-good experience to less organic traffic and searches.

Getting a website hit/visit from a search must then try to give the visitor the best experience. It must be relatable to what they are not only searching for, but time spent on the visit.

This helps the search algorithm determine if the visit was a good experience. If a website visit doesn’t have any “stick” to it, and the visitor quickly quicks off or closes it, then search engines notice and determine it must not be a good experience.

If your visitors stay for a longer period, and click links, then search engines will reward you by determining that your site is a good visitor experience and ranks you higher in the search.

This is why taking Search Engine Optimization classes are a huge investment to the future of your online business.

Search Engine Optimization classes are very cost effective, as well great return on your investment.

In the large picture, you want to invest in things that give you the best return on your investment. This is especially true if you are building a business versus trying to be an influencer.

As a strategy, few things are as cheap as learning and implementing SEO.

If done correctly, a one time creation of SEO content can literally be effective for years to come without any further efforts put into it.

You need to have the perspective of learning SEO not as a marketing cost, or one time strategy. SEO classes are truly an investment that will add to your bottom line of business going forward.

The return value can lasts for years versus the latest and greatest strategy that may be ineffective in six months as the internet constantly changes.

Which leads us to one final value benefit…

SEO has been here for over 20 years, and will continue for 20 or more.

SEO is not going anywhere.

The methods of optimizing for greatest effect may slightly change from time to time. The core understanding of SEO has and most likely will never change.

As more and more social platforms are created, the base of SEO is going to be important to them as well.

You are most likely no longer getting traffic from stuff you posted on MySpace, as a social platform it has lost favor and almost non existent today. However a blog post made in the same time frame done with SEO can still be getting traffic.

In fact it may be ranked number 1 on a search term and getting huge amounts of traffic. Time is on your side here. As SEO not going away and years of visitors only helps you in search engines!


Search Engine Optimization Classes
For The Individual Online Business Owner

Conclusion of Search Engine Optimization classes and success!

Search Engine Optimization is a way to create content for the benefit of search engines to send to your content organic traffic.

The traffic sent to your content based on SEO is not costing any additional money, like advertising does.

The original expense of Search Engine Optimization classes is relatively cheap and very affordable while considering the return on the initial investment.

SEO is a way a single owner or small business can take huge advantages of a traffic source without having to break the bank on internet advertising. The scale is slower, but the results are much more focused and leads to more traffic, and the real consideration, more sales. This is especially true over time.

People are always going to utilize search engines. They are the yellow pages, encyclopedia, and learning method for most modern day users.

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– The Bouncer (a.k.a. Money Mountain Mike) is a online business owner and affiliate marketer. Social marketing, website, content creation, and graphics are some of the online work efforts created for self as well as other people and companies.

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