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Who is Money Mountain Mike?
Who is This For?

This is for anyone, from student and early career people, to older workers, marginalized and forgotten. This is for men, women, old, and young alike.

This is for anyone and everyone who wants to be free of the bonds of earning a living, while making someone else wealthy, and only if and until they decide to literally throw you out with the trash.


Wealth Building

Everyone, at all stages, at all ages, and all walks of life can always afford to “fill their war chest.”  Have you enough reserves?  Have you a buffer that gives you freedom, security, and options?  No? This is for you… 

Business Building

What? Where? When? How?  What is the right business, where do you begin, when is the best time to act, and how do you get started. I’m here to help.

Opportunity Management

Sometimes it’s not a matter of “opportunity only knocks…” Sometimes we don’t even have a door, or the ability to understand what a knock on the door sounds like. I will help you sort what matters, where to focus your energy, and how to seize the moment.

Growth and Strategy Planning

Gaining momentum, expanding on it, building it, and developing it into something that not only has it’s own inertia, but does not require 120% of your time and effort to not only grow, but expand exponentially. I will help you to truly prosper, and prosper in perpetuity. 

My Approach

I’ve worked in just about every industry in our economy. I’ve been in banking, finance, technology, healthcare, and in many forms of regular labor.  I’ve seen everything and I’ve made other people millions upon millions of dollars before I finally woke up.

I did not ever have to earn a living the safe, easy, and low-effort way. It was a hard lesson that took me decades to learn.

I’m just as comfortable in the boardroom as I am on the open range. I’ve met all of my challenges head on and I’m still standing here, waiting for more. Waiting for you. Waiting for your success.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Taking the first step into an unknown journey can sometimes be the hardest part of the trip. 

Let Money Mountain Mike take the burden of fear, doubt, and hesitation onto his shoulders. 

Sit down with Mike for a brief one-on-one and before you know it, the first steps will be behind you.


Choose a Program

Tailored in a highly customized manner, Mike has considered each entry point and has plotted the trajectory for you.

Your success is the only goal in any programs that you choose.


Reach Your Goals

Once you’ve started on your pathway, measurable objectives will mark your milestones. Before you realize it, your financial, personal, and business objectives will start to become reality.

Progress cannot happen without taking the first steps, so let’s start from the beginning. There is no time to waste.


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