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My Story

I’ve worked in just about every industry in our economy. I’ve been in banking, finance, technology, healthcare, and in many forms of regular labor. I’ve seen everything and I’ve made other people millions upon millions of dollars before I finally woke up.

I did not ever have to earn a living the safe, easy, and low-effort way. It was a hard lesson that took me decades to learn.

I’m just as comfortable in the boardroom as I am on the open range. I’ve met all of my challenges head on and I’m still standing here, waiting for more. Waiting for you. Waiting for your success.

My Values & Beliefs

No Replacement For Displacement

If something is worth doing, then do it to your utmost. Either go as hard and long as you possibly can, or don’t bother at all.

You Get Out What You Put In

Building upon that, there is an old adage “Garbage in, garbage out.” Along with maximum effort goes maximum quality. Sometimes the best and smartest work can get done, by finding ways to avoid the truly difficult and hardest work.

To Thine Own Self Be True

That is not to say that you must only serve your own needs, it is rather to remind us that sometimes, beyond our family and friends, our own best interest will usually only be served by ourselves. No one can give us distinct a pathway, we must each find it for ourselves. Once we find it, the details of each step can be learned. Together.

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