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10 Ways to Avoid Anxiety

Stress, worry and anxiety are huge obstacles in life and in business.  Anxiety can cause us to procrastinate ourselves right out of action.  And action is the key to building a great life and a successful business. In this episode, The Cowboy and The...

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Get Eyeballs on Your Offer

Nothing happens until you offer your product to your customer.  In this episode the Bouncer and the Cowboy discuss using TikTok as a platform to find traffic, or as I prefer our precious customers and producers, like you. Thanks for listening and leaving a review...

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Business or Hobby?

Creating a business entity moves your affiliate marketing efforts from hobby to business. A business has clients to provide solutions for, A business requires daily or at least regular attention, A Business wants to have a budget, A BUSINESS has a mission and purpose....

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Success is not magic

Transformation, inspiration and commitment creates success.  As much as you want to there is no magic wand, no fairy godmother.  Success requires effort.  And as you have experienced effort creates success.  And effort can create amazing success...

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